JoJo is a renowned advocate for black women, dynamic and keynote speaker and entrepreneur. She is engaging, insightful, and favorites of audiences.

Professionally, JoJo leads strategic business development for The Opportunity Markets (Middle-East and Africa) at Unity Technologies, her strategic insight has allowed her to forge ahead with necessary changes in the gaming industry.

JoJo is passionate about the African gaming industry, inclusion of black women in gaming and tech and diversification of gaming contents to represent the demographic spectrum of gamers.

She births The Overlooked Audience that focuses on top of mind awareness for black women in terms of diversity, inclusion and equity, capitalism, professionalism creating an enabling environment that caters for the needs of every black woman human rights.

JR’s Social Impact project sheds light on black women advocacy and inclusion in the world. So whether you’re searching for a Black woman innovator, inspiration, or leadership or a famous and multi dynamic speaker, JoJo will always match your audience and goals.

JoJo is well known for her ability to engage, inspire, excite, inform, and motivate to overcome challenges with self-belief, bravery, and finding balance in life scenarios.

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Enabling Black women today is assuring the success of the generation of tomorrow.
- Johana “JoJo” Riquier

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