As touched on in our previous post, players hold an essential place in the gaming industry.

Streamers are players who broadcast their gaming session and themselves through a live stream or pre-recorded session, via platforms such as Twitch, Youtube Gaming or

Branding for streamers is crucial. Therefore, let us introduce our next guest who is a streamer you can find on Twitch under the name: Mojo_Jojo97.

Who is Mojo_Jojo97, and how did you start streaming?

I am a graphic artist and Twitch streamer.  I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. I began streaming two years ago, just a way to share my artwork. Today I stream and I started with a Nintendo64 that I shared with my older brother and sister. Today, I play a variety of games, from horror games, multiplayer shooters, and indie games. 

What are your thoughts on the presence of Black Women in the games streaming industry?

My experience in the gaming industry lies in being a consumer and a streamer.

The streaming community is a whole subcategory of content on its own, and we already talk about representation within games. Something that I have noticed within the streaming community is that as a whole, tended to shy away from conversations around the visibility of black content.

There is a difference in how visible black streamers are on the platform. This lack of visibility translates into a lack of representation in other areas such as in partnerships, sponsorships, features, et al.

Many fellow black women content creators have shared experiences of having to face higher barriers to opportunities. When representation isn’t translating to actual growth in opportunities, the effort resembles more of a performative boost rather than a gesture of good virtue. The lack of opportunities can also come as a result of the lack of diverse influence within the company culture itself. Now more than ever (and how it should have been from the start), black women who are speaking out against their experience with gatekeeping and lack of access to opportunities need to be heard AND sought after. Evaluations will then be able to be made on how maybe the lack of black women within areas of companies shapes the exclusive nature of the communities they market too. 

 Any words of advice for anyone looking to be part of the streaming industry today? 

I don’t have much advice yet, to be honest. I’m still exploring gaming and streaming myself. I have no idea what the future of gaming is going to be as black women but with black voices being amplified and empowered across the digital world.

I can only expect to see positive changes in the future.